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      1. 熱忱歡迎您的指導和選用!

        Warmly welcome your guidance and use!



            Established in 1993,Weinan Sanli Printing Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of producing printing machinery and has striven to manufacture as well as develop special equipment at the same time.

            In the years of production experience, Sanli has been learning foreign advanced technology, reasonably adopting customers’ production experience, and innovating technology so as to make the product more suitable for customers. Sanli has produced the electronic shaft printing machine of the advanced international level by the cooperative production with Japan’s Sumitomo Heavy Mechanical Co.,Ltd in 2013, which innovated the new beginning of printing and machinery industry. Thus, we will make progress and create the Chinese dream of manufacturing and printing industry with customers together!


        電話:13992368803    銷售熱線:0913-2581008    郵箱:250389374@qq.com
        傳真:0913-2581006    地址:陜西 渭南 渭南市經濟開發區
        備案號:陜ICP備2023002831號    技術支持:獨酌網絡
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